Friday, August 28, 2009

Beauty Review - e.l.f. Cosmetics

A note on beauty reviews. I'm only reviewing products by brands that don't test on animals. I love me some beauty stuff but love the litte critters more. The cool news is that there are plenty of great brands that have made decisions to not do animal testing. Like e.l.f.

Everything isn't about money, but the first thing I have to mention about e.l.f.'s Hypershine Gloss is the price..let's just say it is extremely inexpensive. Inexpensive enough that you can buy not just your favorite color, but one in each color. Inexpensive enough that you can buy one in each color for your office, on-the-go cosmetic bag and a set to leave at home. But better yet, the formulas are great. They go on smooth, have shine thats last for quite a while. Add multiple layers to deepen the color and use a lip liner to modify the shade. Did I mention the price?...


Cherie White said...

Can I get it local?

Kia said...

They sell some at select Targets. Not sure about other places.

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