Friday, March 5, 2010

Urban Paper Girl- Yvonne Trace from the Handmade Project

Urban Paper Girl is our feature that spotlights incredible women that you should know.

Two line bio:

I am a fourth-generation kitchen gadget junkie and life-long Girl-Scout. I am also a proud ethnic mommy to a beautiful lil' girl.

How long have you been making dolls, what other things do you make.

I started making dolls when my daughter was born, she's now four. I also make sewing patterns for the more successful projects I've created.

How and when did you start sewing?

My sewing journey began in 2001 when my mom blessed me with a sewing machine for Christmas. My first project was something else! Hot pink fleece pants with a drawstring...phew.

Your blog encompasses family, lots of handmade items, food, crafts. What is you personal philosphy. How do you make time create?

Self-sufficiency is in my genetic makeup. My parents talk about spending summers on their grandparents' farms and I want to recreate that in my daily life. Creativity was almost a devastating discovery for me because I could happily spend all of my time and resources pursing it. The solution I found is to make handmade as quick and easy as possible.
From a business perpective, what are your challenges and successes as an independent artist?

Right now I am very grassroots! I'm just moving beyond the prototype and development stages and am working to have a 20 or so dolls marketed by May. The biggest challenge I faced was the romantic notion that starting a creative business would be all play and no work. The success is realizing that this is rarely the case and still wanting to pursue it.
Your Sites or where we can find your work?

You can find me at and

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Studio Love-Part I

In the very near future I will be working on designing my home studio. I am very excited because it will be the first time I'll have my very own space for working that I will have control over the design. Here are the things that are most important:

  • Lots of storage-I will get some big flat files but also lots of containers for various craft and art supplies.
  • Bright walls
  • Work zones-a place for messy work and a computer center
  • A comfy chair or sofa for naps. I've snagged some photos online that I love for inspiration.

Nice color and organization

Bright walls-color-right up my alley

This is my favorite. Love the center work center and the brightness.

This is warm and cozy..and a bit mod.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I love-Funky ceramics

Spending way too much time today admiring the cute ceramics from Circa Ceramics. I love the high contrast icons paired with bright ceramic tiles.

ware, like cups, bowls, spoonrests, etc:
smaller things, like pendants, magnets & tabs:
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