Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why I love Home Girl Blog

I'm pleased as punch to have been featured on Home Girl Blog. Quel is one of my favorite bloggers. Most of the time when I read her blog postings, I want to say "get out my head!" because her commentary is so right on. She's a super cool mom blogger who seamlessly posts on beauty, fashion and life and general. She lives in Texas and for some reason I love people from Texas (shot outs to Jonetta, Cherie and Meggie Eggie). I think they have that great blend of southern charm and good sense-and definitely applies to Quel.

But I digress. The point is this. Check out the post on little ol' me and learn how you can win some (shall I say) fabulous prizes.

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K. Denise said...

I read about you on the Home Girl Blog! I love your designs. My favorite is the pink hair up with the flower. Pink is my 2nd favorite color and flowers are my signature hair accessory of choice. I am literally known for being the tall girl with the flower in my hair!

Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world! Love it!

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