Thursday, February 18, 2010

Urban Paper Girl - Jasiatic

Urban Paper Girl is our feature that spotlights incredible women that you should know.

If you know Jasiatic, you'll know she's far from ordinary. Smart, spunky and one of those few individuals who talks her talk and walks her walk. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for many years and she continues to be one of the most inspiring people I know.

Two Line bio:
i am an ordinary person, capturing ordinary things. my work is about the possibility of intense beauty in the faces and elements we see every day.

How long have you been a photographer? What sparked your interest in it and how did you get started?What do you enjoy photographing the most?
i have been a photographer for about 7 years and really focused about it for journaling would indicate that i have been a photographer my entire life. i have an intense interest in the process of birth and midwifery. i began photography with the documentation of birth and pregnancy.

In addition to photography, you're a homeschooling mother? How do you balance that?
i don't. not today...they are entering the system of school next year. i am passing the tourch. i love and honor my time sharing and learning with them, but it is due time for selfishness and they deserve the assets that will follow the blossoming of my career. i am a single mother, and they depend on me enormously!

What inpires you?
right now...loneliness...the tragedy of emotions. i dwell in them until i create something i deem beautiful. i am inspired through imperfection. africa. texture. women. curves. love....

From a business perpective, what are your challenges and successes as an independent artist?
business itself is a challenge..i am really nice and not the best self promoter. paperwork is a mess! but my word is good...and i am livicated creatively. that saves me. i am working on the rest!

You also have a blog. How does blogging inspire your work? How do you interact with your online community?
i have 3 blogs! one on Creative Loafing. blogging is awesome.
i am always amazed that others find connection in what i see and bring forth. it is my way of speaking and all that will listen or see. i am thankful for those who do.

In ten years you will be:
..."oooh baby!"

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