Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's been up?

Sometimes the timing of things in life is so funny. I spent the end of the summer gearing up for the fall and winter seasons to promote my urban paper and kianicole websites-making updates to the sites, getting in 'promo' mode, coming up with new products-- and then something happened. I got an opportunity-something I have been wanting for years- something I have been planning for but something that timing wise, was unexpected. And because of this, I have had to let a lot of my 'plans' go.

Through September I kept up a facade of productivity, but by October, even that was dwindling.

I haven't been able to stay on my A game, or even my B game.

Why? Well, first of all I have been mentally exhausted. Worse than I can ever remember, barring a pregnancy. My usually crazy multi-tasking brain has been spinning like a broken computer. I haven't been able to process new information and my brain has been zapped. I haven't been full of new ideas or crativity. My immuse sytem has been run down. I haven't really felt like talking to many of my friends, just really kind of felt hibernating. People close to me have asked if I was depressed. Naw, not depressed just kind of in an energy reserve mode.

Second, the time I have had has been devoted to this new project.

So, hopefully soon this crazy period will end. I'm anxious to get my focus back and prepare for 2010. I'm hopeful that really good things are close on the horizon and I'm confident that hopefully, when I emerge from my little hole, I'll be energized and ready to go again with a big, new project to announce. I hope y'all that haven't heard from me for a while will understand and meet me for brunch or lunch or something like that. Until then, peace and love.

PS Ever had your plans change suddenly and unexpectedly? How did you cope? Leave a comment.

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