Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Urban Paper Girl - Khristian A. Howell

Urban Paper Girl is our new feature that spotlights incredible women that you should know.

Two line bio:
Ask Khristian what she does, the likely reply 'I get to make things pretty'. This sums up the joy and serene simplicity of her art. Inspiration is drawn from her love of culture, travel and all things French. Khristian's surface designs and photographs evoke her love of line, pattern, and balance. She works to create modern images with a sense of romantic grace.Color. Balance. Inspire.

Can you explain what a surface designer is for those who may not know?
Surface Designers create the images and/or patterns that compel you buy a product. The range of product applications is huge and includes wallpaper, bedding, stationary, fabric, clothing, office products, and much more. Even your checks with those pretty butterflies were created by a surface designer!

all images are copyright khristian a. howell and may not be used without the artist's permission.

What sparked your interest in art? How did you become involved with surface design?
Art has always been a part of my life in many forms. My father was a photographer, and our home was filled with wonderful images from exotic lands. I became involved with dance and music at a very early age. Self expression through movement and color truly is just innate for me. I became involved with surface design when started designing kidswear prints for Nordstrom's private label. Then I started to think wow how much fun would it be to do gift wrap and wallpaper etc.

all images are copyright khristian a. howell and may not be used without the artist's permission.

You are also a photographer. What types of things do you photograph? How do your paths as a designer and a photographer intersect?
My main focus is travel photography. I really enjoy making the world smaller and showing how we are all the same while also showing the beauty of our difference. I am also really passionate about portraits, hope to explore this soon. The two paths have not really intersected - yet. However, I have some ideas in the cooker for the next year...

What inpires you?
Travel. Travel. Travel. Art has the transcendent power to bind people together at the human level. I just can't get enough. We just visited Croatia and Hungary in the summer, and I can't wait to plan our next trip already!!

From a business perpective, what are your challenges and successes as an independent designer/artist?
Currently I am everything! Artist, accountant, marketer - I do it all! I am hoping to take on a couple assistants in the coming year. The biggest challenge is work/life balance. When you are doing something you love, you want to do it 24hrs a day. I am learning when I am rested and balanced, my work is better. So now I am actually scheduling time to do yoga, and read and workout etc.!

You have an incredible blog and website. How long have you been blogging? How does blogging inspire your or your work?
Thank you! I started my blog when I released the website back in the spring. However, I have really putting tons more energy into it in the past few months. It really is helping me document my point of view - for myself and my audience. It helps me to stay on top of trends and understand who I want to be in the market. In ten years you will be:
Splitting time between Paris, New York and Austin (where my hubby is from). Painting in a wonderful studio. Taking pictures. Making patterns. Making wonderful organic feasts for my family...

Your Sites or where we can find your work?
A huge overhaul of my website is coming in the next few months! In the meantime you can find me here...

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